Monday, 28 October 2013

Wanna be hurt?

The Pain
            If you are going to visit all my entry blogs in the blog archive, you can notice that almost all of my entries are dramatic. It’s really dramatic. I don’t know why. Maybe because it is true that teenage years are the parts where almost all of us get confuse. We’re confused about love, family, and friends. But that is just my introduction it is not about the topic that I trying to go through. Hihi I’m such a dork.
            Sometimes, we just want to be hurt. We want to hurt our body physically, emotionally and mentally just because we want to experience how does it feel and how you can overcome it. Of course, most of us don’t want to be hurt. We always want to be happy but remember, you’re not going to experience what happiness is if you’re not going to experience how it feels to be sad. That’s a cliché already all of us know but it is really important.

Journaism Part Two


DSPC is one of the most prestigious and difficult contest in Journalism. It’s really difficult to get in for the Regional School Press Conference. But I’ve been a super blessed person. I was able to enter and of course, that is a thing and he’s also there :D. The goos thing about that is that I was able to stay to my happiness. As you all know, I already have my happiness and I never thought that it is going to be at journalism so I’m so lucky. If I just know that journalism is going to be super happy like that, maybe I won’t quit back when I was in second year.
            My September was a very great month. He came, I was also able to forget, got rid of all the bitterness in my heart. But the maybe, of course there is an exchange for my slot for RSPC. My happiness in September did not talk to me. He did not even approached me and give a congratulations. It sucks you know because we always used to talk back when it was training only but he did not. I even approached me in the first day but he just gave a “boast smile”. This part made me very sad but you know, we’re going to be on the same training anyway so let’s see if he’s going to approach me. Anyway…
            At first I thought my life is as miserable as hell. I really hate my life because I’m not really blessed. Actually, I’m very worried about what will happen to me at DSPC. I don’t know if my October is going to be as blessed also.