Saturday, 10 May 2014


I guess, it is really hard for everyone to accept that now you’re in college, now you’re this mature lady/men, big girl/boy ka na and few years from now, you’ll be working, build your own family. There will be no more happy-go-lucky moments (if ever you don’t want your grades to suffer), and you need to face a serious kind of studying, sleepless nights and dead serious conversations.

But I’m going to admit that until now, my mind is still not yet in college. I can feel that I’m still that spoiled little 12 year old girl, just ignoring her homework and making lousy decisions at school (well no one can blame me for that hihi). I didn’t feel like I actually graduated. I thought it is just a program at school that passed by (huhu my gosh I’m suffering here) so it really is difficult for me to truly accept that I’m now in college, that I’m just a few steps away from the boring serious life of adults. Huhu (thunder na ako haha ayoko pa!)

So anyway, why am I doing this entry? It is because I want to list down some things to keep you alive happy in college (and these are also the things I’m hoping I can do in college lol).


Saturday, 3 May 2014

JOURNALISM PART 4: The National Schools Press Conference

It became a long way for me to get into National Level of the most prestigious competition in Campus Journalism, and I know it was a long way to make this entry too haha, so here I am again, dealing with my thoughts. You know I had a problem with my mind these past few days. It’s not into blogging that’s why last Saturday I didn’t have any entry. Anyway, so now that my brain is working (yehey finally!), I’m writing down here the lessons I learned from the Nationals. I know, I’m always writing all the things I realized at Journalism, but the urge has always been there, and I need to deal with it.

Reaching the National is not easy. You have to go through lots of trainings, frustrations, mood swings etc. Until now, I truly believe that in Journalism, you still need to hold on to the power of luck. I’m not being bitter. I accepted everything with ease when my name is not called on the roster of winners, later I’ll explain why.

Going to the NSPC is already an achievement, WINNING IS JUST A BONUS. I’m not bitter (again lol), but not all the people, who are wanting and desperate, to go to the NSPC are given the chance (and I know lots of them). So reaching this far, as a first timer who once turned her back at Journalism is already an achievement. Simply, this is my biggest achievement.