Tuesday, 10 December 2013


             Every human has their own expectations. It fuel ourselves and pursue to the dream you wanted to be. It opens us to a life where you started in just a dream and ended up with reality.
            However, if we didn’t succeed with our expectations, it’ll cripple us. They will pull you down until you fall. Therefore, if you have expectations, you’re on the brink of something. There are only two options, to fall down, or go to the safer way behind you, where you need to go back and give up.
               Motives also let us expect so they are also the biggest liars in life, especially in love. If we let ourselves be eaten by the motives that can give us happiness, you’re totally jeopardizing yourself into something that is not in the good outcome. Motives may come up into two, they like you or not.

                It’s really good to see if the person that you want, wanted you back. It’s really good in the feeling and you’re settling that you and he are going to be together. But there is a problem if the person you wanted doesn’t even say the exact words that he likes you. Maybe he just want flirt you since he needs to spend some time. It is not always on the motives. Maybe, he just wanted to do something like that to let the girl expect a lot and think that it can make him manlier.

              But what if before you knew it, you fell in love? We’ll there is no need for you to blame him for doing that. Remember, that is also your fault. You never let yourself be prepared to all the possibilities or have an assurance if he truly had a feeling for you. You might regret but you have to face the reality that he really did not like you, not a bit.


It’s gonna hurt a lot. Of course, but that’s what it is. You can’t force a person to love you if he really didn’t.

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                   If you loved for so long, and you expect for so long, try to be more patient. You may suffer a lot now, but there comes a time where you will find the one that will love you and make you happy for the rest of your life. There is always no need to find love, because love will be the one who’s going to find you.

             However, expectations can also make us happy if it came true. They can help us motivate ourselves, for the upcoming contests or trials that you have to face. There is no need for you to slump away all the things that you hardly wait for. Face this and your expectations might come true.

Love will come in the right place at the right time.


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