Tuesday, 10 December 2013



            Protecting your own feelings from being known, leaving all those motives behind is an attitude that is not very considerable. You hover from the brink of something. You left someone with a huge question on her mind.
            On the other hand, you’re also asking to yourself question why? Why are you too afraid to say that you want him, that you really want to be with him?
            People are getting afraid to say what they feel since they’re scared to feel the kind of shame. Hence, they are now just stealing the happiness by imagining things which aren’t considerable and far from reality.
            Once people come to know love, they try to find it the way they wanted to, the way where their command will be on their own, where no one wanted someone to hinder their way in getting the love that they wanted.
            However, due to this kind of thinking, people will indirectly unveil that the love that they are wanting is forced. The love that they want to have is not real, but it is just because they wanted to be with someone who he knows he can face to his parents, to his friends due to high profile and money.
            Many people today think that they need to find love, but they didn’t know that love is the one who’s going to find them, that love will be the on the right place, at the right time.
            However, some feelings are just wasted since they are covered with piles of blocks. They didn’t want to let the person that they wanted to know what they truly feel.


    You’re robbing yourself happiness from the person that you want, instead of sharing it with her. You need to tell the things that you feel and what you want to happen. But often, we just left ourselves broken since we know that this person is already owned by someone. But there is no such kind of assurance in love. Why don’t you give it a try? Maybe she likes you also, and she likes you better than the other one. That is not kind of cheating but you’re just being true to yourself.
            Love can happen at first sight, accidentally, instant sparks and all of the other crazy things. Love can happen anytime so don’t you dare give up now. You’re very near to success.


            But sometimes, the reason why other people are getting afraid to open up their feeling is because some left them hovering. They are going to give you motives which are not true, in short “FLIRT”. They just want to let their time pass just to let you know that YOU’RE NOT LOVABLE. If this happens to you, don’t mind them. Remember you have so much time to spend and the person that you’re going to love is just out there.

Timing is very important in saying ones feeling so be patient. Love will come at the right place, in the right time.


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