Saturday, 10 May 2014


I guess, it is really hard for everyone to accept that now you’re in college, now you’re this mature lady/men, big girl/boy ka na and few years from now, you’ll be working, build your own family. There will be no more happy-go-lucky moments (if ever you don’t want your grades to suffer), and you need to face a serious kind of studying, sleepless nights and dead serious conversations.

But I’m going to admit that until now, my mind is still not yet in college. I can feel that I’m still that spoiled little 12 year old girl, just ignoring her homework and making lousy decisions at school (well no one can blame me for that hihi). I didn’t feel like I actually graduated. I thought it is just a program at school that passed by (huhu my gosh I’m suffering here) so it really is difficult for me to truly accept that I’m now in college, that I’m just a few steps away from the boring serious life of adults. Huhu (thunder na ako haha ayoko pa!)

So anyway, why am I doing this entry? It is because I want to list down some things to keep you alive happy in college (and these are also the things I’m hoping I can do in college lol).


Keep my social life alive


I know that this one will be the hardest thing I can keep running in college. In my situation, I’ll be facing hectic schedules (Hint: It’ll be a lot more hectic than my high school days, just not on my first year), and maintaining grades (It’ll be 2.00 huhu) . So I guess it’ll be a lot more difficult for me to socialize, to hang out, to meet my friends and go to the malls. 

Someone told me that the college of accountancy doesn’t initiate any program every year unlike the other colleges, because they are too busy. I’m going to admit that it makes me very sad. It is because I love parties, programs etc because I know that in there, I can socialize with people. In my high school years, I didn’t have difficult time with socializing. I can fulfil my social needs easily. (Hint: It is because of Journalism).

I’m an antisocial before, but now that I realized the essence and the happiness I can get from socializing or making friends, (uyy I’m so friendly kasi haha), I know that I’m gonna crave for it especially now, I know that my social life will be back to zero. So now I’m thinking some ways on how I can cure my wounded situation (it hurts a lot huhu too much drama). So here comes the list:

-          -Plan to join other college parties (HAHA Imma party crasher, I just truly love parties)
-       -Make FC (feeling close) to those people around and try to befriend them (di na uso hiya hiya ngayon no LOL I learned most of it at Journ haha)
-          -Try to look nice and approachable (I look so snob kasi)
-            -Join as many organizations as I can (I know this will be my problem)

So there you have it. I know it sounds crazy but this is the only way I know, I can survive in college (I’m lacking with options haha)

Save a lot


In Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), I guess 500 pesos is enough to buy your food for a whole week. I mean you can survive because all the foods there are so cheap, it can make you save more. But I guess they are not dirty naman, they are just cheap because they know that the school is not a school of rich people, maybe they understand the situation. So in this case it can make you save more. So what does it can do in your college life?

Well if you have money, (I’m not saying that you cannot do this if you don’t have money), it can make you happy because despite of your pitiful situation (yes it is pitiful haha) well, it can make you go to some malls or restaurants, and buy something that can make you smile a little. Saving your allowance can also make you buy simple but useful things like a new phone and/or slr-camera that can at least cut the boring life you’re in. I’m not really saying (although it looks like) that college life is not happy, but if your social life is dead (then you’re dead too :D), well you have to make yourself a little bit happy until you find those circle of friends you’ve been waiting to be around.



No, learning in class is not what I meant because studying is an automatic action. What I meant by learn is learn from other people. I know that in PUP, I’m going to meet both rich and not-so-rich people. So I’m going to understand what their situations are. I’m not saying that I don’t have my own family/high school drama, but you know, knowing and understanding people can make you feel happy and say that “I’m so blessed. I never thought that other people can have worse situation than mine.” I’m not completely saying that they are so bad; you feel so much pity for them. But well, when they became open to you, you can help them by giving them advices and make them laugh by showing off your craziness.

I can still remember what my trainer in Journalism told me. She kept on saying that I shouldn’t bring my family problems whenever there are trainings because it ruins me and my writing. So to them, maybe their situation is something you need to offer some help, but still you cannot still order them and keep on asking about it, because, still that is their lives, and who are you to get into it? You’re still at school and their still your classmates and friends. You still need to handle your own situation.

Learning from other people can also help you develop your maturity and be a better person. It can prepare you for something like that in the future and be a better person. I’m not saying that in college, life should be as serious as this, but you’re just a few steps away, when are you going to choose to be better? When you’re already there? So as soon as possible, be open-minded and let other people get in into your life because whether it make or break you, it can still trigger the better you. (ohhh this section is so serious haha)

Learn to love again (uyy parang song from Lawson lang haha)

 I’m not saying that since you’re a lot free in college you should also flirt a lot and love again. (I really can’t understand why I used the word again haha) I mean in high school, I want my life to be total, love-free. I don’t like going into relationships, make pa-cute to boys out there. It’s totally not my thing. Why? Because I know that it is not true.

I’m not saying that all high school love is not true, just most of it. I know FEW people who are actually running their relationships until now that they are going to graduate in college. But based on my personal or let’s say classmates/schoolmates experiences haha experience, I can see that those people who already graduated tend to break up with their present because they are not going to be together in college at all. They just gave up, and that situation is kinda normal.

So now that I’m in college, I’m finally opening my life to love. (Lol parang opening lang ng restaurant, letting people get in and out). I know that this time, I could learn a lot from it, learn from those mistakes and find that if your relationship didn’t worked out, that doesn’t mean that is not love. I just want to learn and get hurt so much this time. I know that college love is a lot more serious high school’s. I know that this time I can build a new me, from time to time and see that relationship is not easy to handle.

Learn the value of time
This one will be the most crucial part of my college life, time management. I know how much I cram when I’m in high school, and I know that it’ll be worse now that I’m in college. But this time, I will try to learn how to still manage this blog, socialize and study as well. I’m not going to say a lot in this because I’m going to make a separate entry about this.
So there you have it guys. Another idea. I hope you got something from it. College life is not easy, but still we should keep ourselves happy and be prepared for more challenges in life. Haha. Happy day!


  1. LOL. Nkakarelate ako sa FACING THE TRUTH THAT YOU’RE IN COLLEGE :) Nice ang ganda aa . Damang dama ko aa :)

    1. Thanks. Hahaha. But some of my plans written there failed. You know why. Haha