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How to deal with the bitterness of love 101

How to deal with the bitterness of love 101

                Actually, I’m not doing this entry because of the bitterness that I’m feeling right now. I’m doing this just because I want to. Anyways, there is such thing that I noticed when you are in love. Don’t think that I’m some kind of cupid and what the hell do I know! I’m just a 15 year old girl, NBSB and fell in love with a jerk. This blog entry maybe will be regrettable. I really don’t know where to start because I can feel that there can be lots of things running through this. Ayyy! Okay let’s start.

            Love is one of the best things you’re going to experience. It can make you feel super damn happy BUT love is also the one that can make you cry excessively. Whatever kind of person you are, what gender you belong to, there is always love. What we’re talking about this is about loving someone you don’t know or just came up to your life. There is no person who’s never been in love. I myself don’t know if I already experienced it and YES it is because I’m only fifteen but what this is about is my opinion and outlook about love.
"The moment people come to know love, they run the risk of carrying hate”
            I actually got this from one of the anime that I love. I guess this is true. When you experienced how happy love is, that is also the time you experience how cruel it was. You’ll curse someone because you hate. But the truth is, there should be no space for hatred. When you truly love someone, you should let them go. You should not prison him in a world where he doesn’t want to live. What will be the benefit of being together if you’re not happy or you’re the only one that is happy? It is like you’re stabbing yourself voluntarily. You’ll be the one to kill yourself. We all know that at first you’re not going to be happy, going to feel so alone but God destined someone to be with you, the one that will love you whole-heartedly.


            Sometimes, couples gave up and break up whenever they have problems or sometimes, they are just doing ‘cool off’. I think that is very unhealthy. As a couple, you need to be strong together. How can you reach the future together if your solution to your problem is breaking up? What I meant is you should solve them together. Solving problems together can strengthen the bonds as a couple.
             Some people, on the other hand, hurt themselves because they want their partner be bothered by conscience. Pity is not the one that will solve your problems. You love someone just because of pity. Can you accept the fact that someone loves you just because he/she feels pity? Can you?! And hurting yourself physically is not the best way on how to deal with the problems of love. CRYING would work.


Happiness is very important in a relationship. How can both of you say that you’re still in a relationship if both of you are not happy together? Loving someone just because you don’t want to feel alone is the cruellest thing that I’m going to consider about love. That’s very bad. And that thing can also consider you as a loner though you’re with him/her. Remember you’re just hurting yourself and your partner. Let them go and find someone out there, waiting someone like you.


I do believe that you love someone just because and they love you just because. You feel so proud to be with him or her just because. I guess, there should be no specific reason why you have to love someone. You love him/her because you do, you’re happy and you’re a better person whenever you’re together.

Be true, ALWAYS. –RM

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