Sunday, 21 July 2013


How not to kill yourself due to hatred 101
This is just a little bit something for the things that I experienced recently.

LOVE AND HATRED CAN BE THE MOST RISKY FEELING. Both of them are actually related. Why? "The moment people come to know love, they run the risk of carrying hate”. We all know that all the people in this world are experiencing love, from families, to friends, to their special someone. But when we lose one of these people, you can’t even say NO that you’ve never been angry to them because they left you. You can’t deny, maybe you can deny with other people but you can’t deny it with yourself. Of course when you hate, you’re going to have almost all the negative attitudes that are possible. So how was it? How to prevent it? Not to say prevent but how not to kill yourself due to hatred.


This one is very basic but you know that it is very important. If you’re not going to forgive, things are just going to be worse. When things get worse, it will make your life more miserable and maybe it can be up to the highest point. Some people, on the other hand keep their feelings inside them, then they are going to be pretentious, befriend then backstab. That’s not right. You need to forgive people, be humble, and respect them, though they don’t respect you. It is not you who will lose but them.


Don’t jeopardize your moral for the sake that you want everybody to like you. This idea from Megan Fox is true, that not everybody is going to like you. Accept the fact that there is always one person out there destined to hate you.
 What you need to do is just forgive them (though they hurt you a lot) and pray for them. Remember, you have your family, your friends who love you. They are more than those people who hate you. Ask god to let them be a better person. Ask God to take away all the hatred in their hearts and let them live in the world of love.
Memories are one of the most remarkable things in a person’s mind. Of course there are happy memories and sad memories but what we are talking about here is the negative side. Of course it is difficult to delete those negative memories but remember:

Let negatives be a lesson, appreciate it and you’ll became a better person. When you became a better person you’ll be ready to face all the hate, all the problems. Once they arrive again, just do the same thing and learn how to deal with it.

Imagine how happy you can be if you’re going to wake up with no hatred in your mind, no hatred in your heart.


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