Saturday, 10 August 2013

At Last! I'm Blessed

At last! Im blessed
            I’m going to admit, I’m not really contented with my life before. I really want to have things like that or this, but now it is just now that I’ve got my biggest blessing and lessons. I really prayed to God to help me feel this satisfaction in life. It is difficult to me maybe because I’m a part of a broken family and that made me feel sad but now, at least now, I realized something. Finally!
            You know that this last August 3 and 4 is the schedule of the University of the Philippines College Admission Test or the UPCAT. I felt so nervous of course because I really want to study in that prestigious school. After the exam, I’m worried if ever I’m going to pass the exam but I realized. I realized this.
            When I’m texting one of my classmates (who also took the exam on the same day and that is August 3) he asked me what I did, how time pressure killed us then he said, almost all his answers are based on his own theory. Then I typed this one, “Now I realized that it is not always important to just use your brain during that exam, you need to use your heart and the power of prayer in answering the questions.” You know what, I’m shocked. I was appalled by what I said. It was like God let me realize that He is always there for me, whenever I need him. At first actually, I’m very worried because I don’t know if I’m going to pass that test (there are approx. 84 000 people who took the exam and because of that, the cut-off will be higher) but after that, I realized that it is just okay if I’m going to pass or not. I realized that I should be happy because I realized something. I also gained lots of self-confidence. I learned how to believe in myself. You need to trust yourself in order to make yourself satisfied.
 I also realized how important people to me, those people who supported me in the exam (to my father though he’s not there he still sent me his support and to my mother who accompanied and waited me for 5 hours), it is just that I feel so blessed that there are always there for me whenever I need them (huhu I’m crying now), though they are separated, their love and care for me are inseparable and that made me feel so happy, so blessed.
Lastly, I made a stronger bond with God. I prayed a lot, not just before exam, but even months before the exam and even during the exam. I felt him so much and I’m so blessed. I’m so happy that he helped me and he continues to help me. What am I feeling now? I feel so happy and contented now, though I don’t have enough clothes or money to buy what I want. I feel the way I need to feel. I feel so blessed. Now I’m blessed and that is the lesson I learned from the UPCAT.
Be True, ALWAYS- Ricka Mae