Saturday, 14 September 2013

Jounalism camp : New adventures and discovery

Journalism camp:  New adventures and discovery
                        Actually, I’d gone for journalism camp. It was really fun. At first I thought it’s going to be super boring and annoying but I’m wrong. It was total fun and satisfaction. I’m super happy and now I’m going to share to you what I’ve learned as a high school student in our journalism camp.

Day 1
             When I learned that we’re going to sleep by category, I feel so bad for us. I really want to sleep with my classmates and co-journalists because I know that it is going to be super fun but that did not happen so I felt so down.
             When we sat in our seats, I noticed that there are only 14 people in the room. It is actually unusual ‘coz in the other rooms, they are like 40+ or 30+ then us? We’re only 14? How can we enjoy this? That is the first question that came up to my mind.
            Anyway, I felt so nervous because it will be my first time, after two years to write a sports article in a training that is in a specific category. I really regret my quitting AND the reason why I quit.
            When the session started, our adviser and lecturer in sports, Sir Greg let us do a contest. We’re going to write so many sports lingos, and then your classmates are going to read it, and then remove it when you have the same lingos. Unluckily, I did not win since I’m so stupid since I wrote down phrases not lingos. Then we made an article about it. Actually, I’m so confident about my article but when the BOYS read their works, I was like held down. To be honest, they’re so good. I mean GOOD. I felt like I’m a mediocre. And then we had our break. When we came back, one of our classmates QUIT. She can’t take the pressure. So we’re only 13.
            I struggled a lot. That’s to be true. My BOY classmates are all good. Then when the night came, we had our party. We had our Mr. and Ms. Journalism. I had fun though since I just laughed so hard. I’m mean.

            Day 2
             This day is the longest day and I swear lots of things happen and you know what happened, we wrote, wrote and wrote. But I learned a lot. I learned how to make a delayed lead. I learned how to make a key player approach and analytical approach.
            THE Sports Writing English and Sports Writing Filipino had a match. It’s a basketball game. Of course as a sports writer, you also need to know how to play the game and there is no volleyball :3. So there is English Shooters and Filipino Fighters. At first English shooters are good especially n outside shooting but the Filipino shooters are good in lay-ups. We’re discomfited and that is because we did not change our players from 1st to 4th quarter. Well that is a wonderful match after all.

 Day 3
            This is the day where we need to leave. Huhuhu I’m so sad back then. Well this is a good thing to me since Sir Greg told me that I improve a lot. Weee yay me. I moved a little bit from being a mediocre haha.Actually, my seatmate told me (Paolo) to put the improved thingy on the list that Sir asked us to do but I don't want to because I guess I really don't deserve that. Har har. Seriously. I'm just going to do my very best at the DSPC.


LOVE will come in the right place and in the right time. It’s true. Just believe.


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