Monday, 23 September 2013



            To be true, I’m really happy now. It is not because of the fact that there is something wrong that happened to my enemy. No! Absolutely not! I’m just happy because I’m in love.
            I know that I already told this a long time ago. But this one is not because I stole someone from somebody. NO! God let this happened and I’m so happy that I was able to found him.

            Actually, my September is pretty miserable in the first week. I cried a lot because of someone, I cried a lot because it hurts but now, it’s all gone because there he came.
               He’s not handsome. He’s not also in the level of my past crushes which are rich, famous and has the name but technically, he has the brain. He’s particularly annoying, sometimes you’re going to say “WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?” but it is just that I fell in love and that made me happy.
                Some people are really wondering why I’m super happy this past few weeks and this is my answer to them. This blog entry is my answer to them.
             I’m not actually going to be very particular on who he was, I’m just going to make a short description about him-
                   “He approaches, he listens, he laughs. And that what makes him perfect.”
                 He’s very unlike my past that totally broke my heart intentionally and unintentionally. I’m just happy that I was able to find him and God let me found him. The pain that I’m experiencing lately is now gone.

Love will come in the right place, in the right time.”

I remember back in the time I cried, I lose all my hope. I thought I’m going to be remained unloved but man I was wrong! A few days later, God let me found this man that made me happy. And this man came at the right place and in the right time. I really do need him actually that time so I’m super happy. Love will always be like that, just put lots of trust on it.


I’m really struggling in writing back then but now I’m so inspired to write and I’m willing to write over and over again. You’ll have the courage and the dedication to do so.

            Being sad really made me feel down. That time I’m willing to wait for him forever though he’s hurting me but now that I found him, there’s no need to be sad anymore. There’s no need for me to wait for him. Because:


What will be the effect on you of sadness? It will lower everything. There are lots of things that should be happening to you by that time. There are lots of times that you’re wasting your chance. You need to find that happiness as soon as possible.

Get rid of all the negatives of your life and let the happiness flow right through you. Freedom can finally give you the sigh of relieve. Just be happy and find your happiness. Happiness will pull you up from being so down.

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