Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Unintentional Liars

Unintentional Liars

Back when I was a kid, I can always hear from every adult that surrounds me or even in television that imagining things are really good because that can exercise the brain. I can say that it is somehow true. But most of the things that we were imagining are no coming true. We were saying that someday me and him are going to be together, but you’re actually not because he never liked you are just making things out of him in your own mind. You keep on thinking that you’ll have your very own family with your boyfriend or girlfriend now but one day you’re the one who is going to break up. Imagining things can usually lead to disappointments, because it is the same thing as expectations. 

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Imagining can ruin us. It can wreck your outlook. It can make things different from what you look out of it before. The more you expect, the more you’re going to push hard at your work or it’ll motivate you, but it can be over. Things can be overdone, and things like those are not good to the mind and even to your body. You’re going to be so obsessed with it that you’re not going to mind other people just to make those things happen.

Maybe some are saying that everything is possible but what of that possibility is already a fantasy. A thing that can only be alive in your mind? You’ll suffer in discomfort, which you don’t deserve.

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Have you ever experienced winning a contest in an unexpected moment? Where you did not even imagine that you will be in that place because you expected something lower? How does it feel? Compare it to your previous experiences. Is there any difference?

Of course there is a huge difference especially in the happiness that you’re feeling. The level of happiness is just higher than the other one. We are just carefree about what is happening and unexpected moments can make you happier than the happiness that you imagined.

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In love, that is one of the most exciting thing that you’re going to have. You never imagined yourself with this person, that you’re going to love like that, but he/she came. You never thought. And that makes you super happy. Maybe they can hurt you someday, or they can betray you, or leave you, but at least you experienced love not just by imagining. It’s a reality.

The message of the photo hurts a lot, but it is true. No one can pull you lower other than yourself, so stop making yourself disappointed. Make something else out of it. Don’t live your life in the future because you’re not yet there. You’re still in the present so you need to work it out.

I proved to myself that the probability of the imagined things to happen is going to be like 20%-40%. So do not let yourself imagine so many things if you know that you’re not going to be successful with it.


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