Saturday, 29 March 2014

Things that I am going to miss in high school

It is true that I really do regret my years of not studying in high school and I know that it is too late for that, but despite of that regret that I’m feeling, I can never deny that I’m really going to miss my high school. I may be so mean but I never missed being grade school but high school, damn. There is no doubt that high school is one of the most memorable, outrageous and the craziest part of our lives. But it’s too bad that I’m going to say goodbye to it, in the part where I still want to stay.

High School became the happiest part of my life, despite of so many problems and immature things that I had gone through. But all I can say is it is like a cliff-hanger. I want to spend more being a teen. But of course we can’t stop aging. We need to grow up.
Before, I say that I’m so lucky that I’ve never been a part of the K-12 program, but now, men I want to be. I still want to spend two more years with my friends. I still want to. There are lots of things that I’m going to miss, and these are:

1. The school
The first time I enter this school, I’m actually very afraid. I thought my classmates will be so serious and they don’t know nothing but to study. I also thought that teachers are going to be so strict that I’m not able to go to sleep at night because of requirements. But I was wrong. I’m just exaggerating. I thought Science class will make me experience like that but I was wrong. (But sometimes yes I experienced sleeping so late at night just to finish a requirement; oh let me correct that, I guess it will happen more often until now hihi)
2. My teachers
Even though I don’t look like much concern, I salute all my teachers in high school. They are really good. Their intellectual ability are high, and also inspiring, especially our adviser who’s always ready to help us whenever we are in need. She never left us, and of course to our math teacher who’s so good. I guess she’s one of the most amazing teachers I’ve ever known. She may look like a very strict, stone-hearted teacher but she’s not. She never fails to make us laugh in her jokes. She’s the coolest teacher ever.
3. The contests
I could never forget how our section emerged from our first year until fourth year. We have so many accomplishments. We worked together like a team, we cooperate, we listen and yes we did. That became our key to reach the victory. We also make our own wave in the individual contests in school, division regional and even at the national level. It is amazing that if you’re going to ask one of us what became your contribution to our school or even to your section? They can definitely say something. The experience that
we got from that was unforgettable. I’m going to say that I’m so blessed that I was able to experience such things like those.
4. Sleeping
So now that I’m about to take a new step to the corporate world, well I guess I’ll be sleeping less. Well now I’m actually getting 5-7 hours of sleep. Maybe in college, the longest will be 5 hours and the usual will be 3 hours. Haha. And I know that I’m going to have a very hard time sleeping because I’m going to be homesick. :3
5. Journalism
Like I said before, I really thought that journalism will be so boring. But that became my biggest accomplishment and I fell in love with it. I never thought that I am since I never became interested with that but now; there is no other thing that can pay my experience in journalism.
6. Puppy loves
That is how I always describe love in high school; puppy love. Of course I’m going to miss that. I still remember the times that I’m going to cry a lot just because of the fact that the person I like never liked me back. Although it hurt, (wow haha I’m saying too much), well at least you’re going to miss those things that you do when you need to sneak to a place just to see him. Well you know I still have this frills whenever I’m going to reminisce all the things that I’ve done on my crushes. I’m literally stalking them in social media (yah I know that it is quite creepy). I also decided to be bitter (WHAT!!!) but I learned now, not to be like that.Whenever I’m going to look back, I always told myself, “What the heck have you done?” Well past is past.
7. My dear classmates
I should delete that dear over there coz they are not some kind of finesse people. They are crazy. Well not literally crazy that you have to send them to the hospital or rehab but they are unlike the other intelligent students out there who don’t know anything but to study. I mean if you’re going to look at the other section, (I’m not degrading them I’m just describing me and my classmates personality), they are actually more serious than us. 
And I still could never forget on how we bond. I mean we’re like a family. If anyone has a problem, you should not be shy to share it to the others because they will definitely help you. You know like our bond is so strong, that no matter how many challenges came to us, it could never be broken. 

I’m going to admit that our section had gone through for so many issues, like we were accused to do something which we’re not doing. We’re scolded outrageously. But still we stood strong for that. No one broke us. I definitely love our section because of the bond that we made, for each person who discovered something in them and of course for all the crazy and epic memories that we had together. It’s one of the things that I’m going to miss the most.

I’m going to admit that I’m not yet ready to take a step to the corporate world. I still want to have fun with my friends, hang out a lot (but I think I abused it that’s why I’m not able to get good grades). Even though I know in college that it’ll be a little bit more fun to hang out because you can go to different restaurants or bars at 18, nothing beats the simple joys and the simple laughs.

So as much as possible, make your high school very memorable to you.


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