Friday, 3 January 2014

YEAR 2014!!!


Phewww. Another year passed by. Bye 2013. We’re now going to take it to another level, and yes that is 2014. But before that of course we have to thank God and take a look back on the memories that we’ve made. Maybe lots of us are really promised to make this year better. Of course everyone is looking for that. But what else are we dying for? Well that’s the implementation.

Nobody wants to make the same mistakes before. That’s always the whole thought. There are lots of resolutions that we’re going to make again so here goes on how to make it a reality, for the benefit of you and even myself.


MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION (and probably yours too)

I’m just a typical girl that’s why I also have a common mew year’s resolution. 


And the always number one on the list. Maybe others will say that I won’t eat lots of chocolate or unhealthy foods, but it’ll be the same as this one. Everyone wants to get skinny. Not over skinny but the sexy thing. No one can blame you for that cuz everyone wants it. I, also have the same thing on mind. I really want to lose pounds. It is because I’m not gaining lots of self-confidence. I’m always insecure about my body. So now that I’m going to college, I will try my very best to keep my body healthy. I’m going to admit that I really can’t choose what food I want to eat in the house because they are solid rice lovers. Well I really don’t like eating rice anymore because it is actually unhealthy especially the white one. But this time that I’m going to be more independent. I’m going to choose healthy foods as much as possible. I’m not saying not to eat junks or chocolates and other sugars. You can have that if course but it always needs moderation.
Another thing is my height. I’ve always been insecure with my height. In my family’s generation, I’m the smallest. I only stand at 5”3 for 15 years old unlike them who’re actually 5”9, 6”0. It makes me feel so short, so now drinking milk will be my top priority. It cannot be only good for your body, but it can also boost your confidence since you can gain height. I hope I can reach 5”7 at least.

There is always this thing that we always expect a lot. This time I won’t expect anything because it always brings me lots of disappointments. I’m just going to do it. I’ll always encourage myself to do it. I’m not going to be that rubbish girl who always turns her back to her promises. I will make this now.
To get have a little bit of motivation, find a friend that will join you. There’s nothing wrong if you want to be sexy with someone. Don’t be selfish and make yourself a self-proclaimed. You had enough for that.


So for those who already done or actually got started keep it up. But remember, don’t leave us! Haha. Just kidding! I’m hoping you guys can maintain that kind of body that you always wanted.


I’m a bookworm actually. I don’t really like going to a mall and watch a movie. See me. I would rather go to a bookstore and find a perfect book that suits my taste. I promise that I would buy lots of books and actually find more time for it. I would save a lot to buy the books that I always wanted. Admit it or not, books are a little bit pricey, considering that you’re going to read it once. And the books I like are also quite expensive because they came from good authors. In contrary, it can help you a lot. It can widen your imagination, your vocabulary and can change your wrong way of outlook. Well books are great and I think it can help me a lot, especially in my surge for going back studying, since I really do regret not studying at high school. Well, books can motivate you as well. I hope you too.

Spend less

I know that college life will be a little bit tough when it comes to money and I’m not willing to take credit cards cuz I don’t want to jeopardize myself. But this time I’m going to spend less. I’m actually very concern with money. I’m making my groceries on my own right now and I guess I have to make a little bit more budgeting. But I want to spend less. I’m just planning to buy all the clothes that are plain, even the shoes, which can last longer to make the money I invest worthy. I’m not yet earning on my own so as much as possible, I want to make my bank account a little bit positive (because now it is in total negative).


I don’t really like taking pictures a lot. If I’m going to check my Facebook account, the only photos that I have are those that my classmates got. This time I want to change it. I want to be the one to take photos. I promise myself that I will be more active on Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram. I have a little bit of shame on my Instagram because it doesn’t have any photos yet! My gosh! I want to share people what the things that I’m doing and what are the valuable things I got from it. I really want to travel places and I want to capture every moment with it.

But in order to do those, I need an SLR-camera. So I need to spend less. Haha! I never thought that I’m going to want to take an SLR because I never really liked taking photos. But this time I will. And I really want to do that.


I consider this blog as a book. I know that I’m going to be very busy in college but I always wanted to go continue what I started here. I’m going to spill out every idea I have in my mind. I actually had a hard time in the past months but I swear that I will do my best to at least have 10 entries a month.

There will be nothing more exciting if I will be happy. This time I want to do the same thing, happiness + studies. I really want to be happy this time, although I know the stresses that I’m going to get in Manila. It’s unlike here in Cavite where I can still smell the fresh air every morning and I really hope this time I can do both.
Everyone wants to be happy so be brave and don’t be afraid in taking risks because that can actually pull you to the happiness that you’ve been waiting for.


This still belongs to my regret of quitting at journalism. Well this time I’m going to take every chances and I’m not going to give up. This time I’m going to make right decisions for those organizations that I’m going to join. I will be delighted.

Don’t waste anything. If you’re selected to compete for a contest, well take it, if there is nothing wrong. You’re not just going to take the knowledge but also the experience that is worth an extra mile.


It is a little bit crazy to think that you’re still going to want struggles, but that will make you a better person. Others who select to live a comfortable will never grow up. They should always take themselves outside the shell. Challenges can bring out the best in you, and so happiness will also be.


Don’t just simply say. MAKE IT!! There will be nothing wrong if you’re going to do it. We’re living in a democratic country, as the others say. 

Make this year your best because this is your another opportunity. If you failed to do things last year, well now make it better. You’re going to be happier. Whatever happens.


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